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The following general terms and conditions represent the rules for using the online portal www.Hochzeitssaal-Finder.de – hereinafter referred to as “Hochzeitssaal-Finder”. These terms and conditions come into force for all (also future) transactions and actions of a legal nature between the providers of wedding locations and wedding service providers (hereinafter referred to as “providers”) and wedding hall finders. These terms and conditions also apply to use outside of Germany. The present General Terms of Use (hereinafter GTC) regulate the contractual relationship between the wedding hall finder, Hurlebuschweg 5, 30453 Hanover, represented by its management Ms. Asena Amara, and the provider of the portal. With each use of the portal, the provider agrees to the validity of these terms and conditions. These GTC can be supplemented by special provisions. Deviating terms and conditions of the provider do not come into force unless the wedding hall finder expressly agrees to their validity.


2.1 Wedding Hall Finder is an online portal for wedding locations and wedding service providers.
2.2 Wedding hall finder establishes contact between the provider and the organizer of an event (hereinafter referred to as “demander”). Wedding Hall Finder has no influence whatsoever on whether an order or contracts resulting from an inquiry come about or not. In the case of a mediated request, a contract is only concluded between the requester and the provider. The same applies if the customer makes use of additional services from the provider. The customer is obliged to check the exact content of the contract with the provider for accuracy. Wedding hall finder is not liable for any provisions between the provider and the customer.
2.3 Wedding Hall Finder does not offer wedding venues or wedding related services.
2.4 A permanent technical availability of the wedding hall finder is not guaranteed. Wedding hall finder is available to the providers at any time for advice via e-mail.
2.5 Wedding Hall Finder assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the entries made by the providers. Wedding Hall Finder reserves the right to decide on inclusion in the portal and to reject and remove entries at any time.


3.1 Vendors can register and edit their wedding venues or services on wedding venue finders in their city. In order to create a wedding hall or a service (hereinafter referred to as “entry”) on the website www.Hochzeitssaal-Finder.de, successful registration is required. When registering on the wedding hall finder, a contract for the use of the online platform is created between the provider and the wedding hall finder. With the successful registration of the provider on the wedding hall finder, the provider agrees to the general terms and conditions and claims to have read them.
3.2 Only natural or legal persons and partnerships of legal age and unlimited legal capacity can successfully register on the wedding hall finder. Otherwise, registration on Wedding Hall Finder is invalid.
3.3. When registering, the provider fills in first and last name, username, company name, email address and password. The provider agrees that the given data and information has been entered correctly and completely. In addition, the provider agrees to update information in the event of possible changes and deviations.
3.4 The provider is responsible for keeping the password secret. The provider account may only be used by the registered provider or the relevant contact person (natural person who takes care of the conclusion of a contract and the associated advice).
3.5 If the provider violates the AGB of Hochzeitssaal-Finder or disregards the provisions of the registration from points 3.2 and 3.3, it is permitted for the Hochschul-Finder to refuse the registration of the provider and possibly to delete the existing provider account. In this case, the amount already transferred for the respective membership package will not be returned.


4.1 In order for Providers to be able to use the Wedding Hall Finder website and create the entry in the city, Internet access, successful registration and a current, valid and accepted payment method are required, which the Provider can update in the Provider Profile.
4.2 The provider assures that information, data, images, videos, texts and all other content for the entry are truthful. The provider promises that name, trademark, copyright, personality and any other property rights of third parties will not be damaged in any way.
4.3 The provider assures that only wedding locations and services are offered for which the provider has a marketing order or which actually exist.  
4.4 The Provider undertakes to hold Wedding Hall Finder free of all possible claims (reimbursement of relevant lawyers/legal representation, filing of charges) that third parties may have due to a violation of the listed rights and obligations under point. 4.2 and 4.3 demand to keep free.
4.5 All changes and updates to the entry on the wedding hall finder must be changed and corrected immediately by the provider in the provider profile under “My entries”. If the entry on Wedding Hall Finder no longer exists or is no longer available, the Vendor must delete the entry or contact Wedding Hall Finder.
4.6 The entry will not be published on Wedding Hall Finder until Wedding Hall Finder has checked and confirmed the entry. The same applies to changes and updates to an entry.
4.7 Wedding Hall Finder is entitled to optimize the content and texts of the entries (SEO texts, keyword research) and to correct errors.


5.1 All content (text, images, graphics, data sheets, logos, videos, etc.) that the Provider has published on Wedding Hall Finder may be used by Wedding Hall Finder free of charge, without restriction, worldwide and without the permission of the Provider, in whole or in part for advertising purposes ( Wedding Hall Finder page, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter), wedding fairs, in newsletters) are publicly used and edited by Wedding Hall Finder. The provider gives the wedding hall finder the right to use this content and images at any time and for all marketing measures.
5.2 If the provider objects to point 5.1, he can declare this in writing to the wedding hall finder with effect for the future. The provider promises Hochzeitssaal-Finder that he owns the rights to content and images for the granting of rights under point 5.1 and that third parties have no right to them. If third parties have opposing rights to the wedding hall finder, the provider assures us that we will release the wedding hall finder from any claims (reimbursement of relevant lawyers / legal representation / indictment).


6.1 Wedding hall finder is to be seen as an online platform that presents all information about a provider of wedding locations and services and offers the potential buyer the opportunity to contact the provider free of charge via the provider profile. However, the wedding hall finder has no influence whatsoever on the conclusion of a contract between the customer and the provider.
6.2 Wedding Hall Finder is not liable for breaches of duty by third parties. The wedding hall finder assumes no liability whatsoever for the content of third-party websites and, if applicable, not for any damage arising in connection with third-party links.
6.3 Providers have no claim against the wedding hall finder. The website only serves as an online portal that provides information on the entries of the providers.
6.4 Wedding Hall Finder has all the rights (copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights) of the Wedding Hall Finder database. This includes all data uploaded and used on the website.
6.5 Providers are prohibited from using the data obtained on the wedding hall finder commercially or for independent databases.
6.6 If the requirements for the provider profile described in points 3 and 4 are not met, the wedding hall finder has the right to change the content of the provider profile and, if necessary, to delete the provider profile.
6.7 The rights to the database of Hochzeitssaal-Finder (copyrights, trademarks and other industrial property rights and the registered data on the website www.Hochzeitssaal-Finder.de (data, text, content, graphics, images) are with Hochzeitssaal-Finder. The The rights of suppliers and buyers are not affected by this.


7.1 Wedding Hall Finder stores and processes personal data only within the framework of the applicable legal provisions. The data is managed by the wedding hall finder according to the guidelines of the applicable laws on data protection. Wedding Hall Finder takes the necessary technical precautions to ensure the secure storage and transmission of the providers’ personal data.
7.2 In order to use the services of Wedding Hall Finder, it is possible that personal data will be requested.
7.3 As soon as the provider sends a contact request to the enquirer, the provider agrees that his personal data and messages will be stored by the wedding hall finder.
7.4 When the provider creates an entry, he provides the telephone number of the contact person. This telephone number is displayed in the contact form on the provider page. The provider agrees that the customer may contact the provider directly via this telephone number.
7.5 When the Provider creates an entry, it provides the e-mail address of the contact person. The provider agrees that all contact requests from the requester will be sent to the specified e-mail address of the contact person and that the requester may contact the provider.


8.1 The wedding hall finder membership of the providers begins with a free trial period. Unless specified in the registration process, the free trial period is one month.
8.2 If Wedding Hall Finder determines that the Provider is not eligible for the free trial period, Wedding Hall Finder has the right to delete or deactivate the Provider profile. In order to check the status of the provider’s authorization, Hochzeitssaal-Finder has the right to access provider data (payment method, e-mail address) that has already been
used for an existing provider profile.
8.3 If the provider does not terminate the wedding hall finder membership before the end of the free trial period, the wedding hall finder will charge the specified payment method at the end of the free trial period with the amount of the fee-based package.
8.4 The duration of the free trial period can be seen in the provider profile under the category “My Account”. Providers must visit our website www.Hochzeitssaal-Finder.de and log into the provider profile. Vendors can then see all the important information about prices under “My Profile”.


9.1 The amount of the fee-based package is debited monthly from the payment method specified by the provider at the beginning of the fee-based membership.
9.2 If the provider defaults on payment, Hochzeitssaal-Finder is authorized to deactivate the provider profile and block the account.
9.3 The provider can change the payment method in the provider profile under “My Account”. If the provider’s payment was not successfully debited from the account, was not received or was canceled because, for example, there was not enough credit available on the respective payment method, the provider’s entry on the wedding hall finder can be deactivated. In this case, the entry would no longer be visible on the online platform until the amount of the package price is successfully debited from the specified payment method.
9.4 When updating the payment method in the provider profile, the provider gives the wedding hall finder the right to debit the outstanding amount of the fees from the new payment method.
9.5 The invoice can be viewed every month in the provider profile under “My invoices” and downloaded as a PDF.


10.1 The price of the booked wedding hall finder package will be automatically debited from the specified payment method every month until the provider cancels the contract.
10.1 The wedding hall finder package prices can change under circumstances. However, providers will be informed at least two weeks before the price changes come into effect.
10.2 The provider can change the paid wedding hall finder package booked in the provider profile at any time on the “My Account” page. Paid packages have a term of 30 days. Changing the package to a cheaper package (hereinafter referred to as “downgrade”) or to a more expensive package (hereinafter referred to as “upgrade”) will take place at the end of the billing period. The provider can claim such package upgrades or package downgrades on the first day after the end of the billing period. Once Provider changes The Wedding Hall Finder Package and does not cancel the Package prior to the end of the billing period, Wedding Hall Finder Provider consents to the automatic renewal of the Package for a term (30 days).


11.1 Providers can cancel the wedding hall finder membership at any time online in the provider profile under “My Account”. In the event of termination, providers can use Wedding Hall Finder until the end of the monthly billing period.
11.2 As long as the provider does not cancel the wedding hall finder membership before the monthly invoice date, he automatically agrees that the fee for the booked package will be debited from the specified payment method for the following month. Vendors can see all Wedding Hall Finder Package pricing and details in the Vendor Profile under “My Account”.
11.3 Payments are non-refundable. Wedding Hall Finder does not grant refunds or credits for months that are not fully used. This also applies if the provider has not received any inquiries from customers via the wedding hall finder.
11.4 If the Wedding Hall Finder membership is canceled by the Provider, the Provider’s entry(s) will be deactivated at the end of the current billing period. The wedding hall finder provider account will not be deleted and will remain. Providers receive information on how to close the account in the provider account on the “My Account” page.
11.5 If the Provider does not terminate the Wedding Hall Finder membership before the end of the billing period, Wedding Hall Finder will charge the specified payment method at the end of the free trial period with the monthly package price (membership fee).
10.6 If the provider terminates the wedding hall finder membership, no more fees for the paid packages will be deducted from the specified payment method.
10.7 If the Provider decides to re-register for the Wedding Hall Finder, he can log in with the old user data. The entry(s) on the Wedding Hall Finder will be automatically activated after successful reactivation and a valid payment method and will be visible again on the Wedding Hall Finder.
10.8 A definitive termination of the provider profile is possible in writing (by e-mail at info@hochzeitssaal-finder.de) with effect from the end of the term. The termination causes the deletion of the provider registration and the entry / entries.


Notifications, changes or additions to the terms and conditions require notification of the provider by e-mail. Insignificant provisions of these terms and conditions can be changed by the wedding hall finder without any justification. Provided that the regulations are sent to the provider by e-mail two weeks before they come into effect or are published on the website of the wedding hall finder. If a provider does not agree with the regulations, he must report this to the wedding hall finder within two weeks. Otherwise he agrees to the changed terms and conditions.

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