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The following General Terms and Conditions set out the rules for using the online wedding hall finder portal – hereinafter referred to as “wedding hall finder”. These General Terms and Conditions come into effect for all (also future) legal transactions and actions of a legal nature similar to those between interested parties of wedding locations and wedding service providers (hereinafter referred to as “users”) and the wedding hall finder. The present General Terms of Use (GTC) define and regulate the contractual relationship between user and provider. These terms and conditions also apply to use outside of Germany. The present regulations apply to the use of the portal www.Hochzeitssaal-Finder.de between Hochzeitssaal-Finder, Hurlebuschweg 5, 30453 Hanover, represented by your management Mrs. Asena Amara and the user of the portal. With every use of the portal, the user agrees to the validity of these terms and conditions. These GTC can be supplemented by special provisions.


Wedding Hall Finder is for private use only. Users are prohibited from using the contact details of the providers displayed on the wedding hall finder for advertising purposes (e.g. for telephone marketing, spam, advertising of any kind). Otherwise, these users will be given a warning and prosecuted.


Access to the “www.Hochzeitssaal-Finder.de” portal is completely voluntary and free of charge. The person who accesses the portal is referred to as the user. As soon as the user accesses the “Hochzeitssaal-Finder” portal, he agrees to the content without restriction and without deviations and agrees to the terms and conditions, data protection and special provisions.

Before the service of the wedding hall finder can be used, users must register on the portal and accept the terms and conditions. Registration is free. Accepting the terms and conditions requires that users provide truthful information about their person, e-mail address and address when registering. Other fee-based services for providers require a contractual agreement and are not affected by these terms and conditions. If the user intentionally transmits false and incorrect personal data, the Wedding Hall Finder is entitled to exclude the user from using the services offered and to demand compensation for any damage caused as a result.

The users indemnify the wedding hall finder from all liability and from all obligations, expenses and claims that the beneficiaries may incur as a result of damage due to defamation, insult, violation of personal rights or other cases of abuse with regard to the wedding hall finder page.


Wedding Hall Finder is the operator of the website www.Hochzeitssaal-Finder.de and offers users the opportunity to find suitable “vendors” (locations, service providers) for events free of charge and to contact the vendors through a non-binding contact request on the relevant vendor page to kick. This provider profile consists of certain information that describes the provider’s performance (descriptive texts, contact details, etc.) and media (images, videos) that the provider makes available independently or that the wedding hall finder compiles when the order is placed. A permanent technical availability. Wedding Hall Finder is available to users and providers for advice via email and inquiry form.

The entry in the wedding hall finder portal can be removed by the provider at any time. Wedding hall finder assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the entries made. Wedding Hall Finder reserves the right to decide on inclusion in the portal and to reject and remove entries at any time accompany a request, no influence. In the case of a mediated request, an order relationship or a contract is only concluded between the user and the provider concerned. Separate general terms and conditions may apply within this contractual relationship. The same applies if the user makes use of additional services from the provider. The user is obliged to check the exact content of the contract with the provider for accuracy. Wedding hall finder is not liable for any further provisions between user and provider and merely represents an intermediary portal.


The information on specific providers that is presented free of charge on Wedding Hall Finder is for informational purposes only for users. The content, information and details on the portal are therefore only for the user’s decision-making and were created with great care. Wedding hall finder sporadically checks all information from the providers on the respective provider pages. The Wedding Hall Finder cannot guarantee that the content is correct, complete or up-to-date.

Wedding hall finder is to be seen as an online platform that presents providers of wedding locations and services and offers users the opportunity to find suitable wedding providers and to get in direct contact with them. However, Wedding Hall Finder has no influence whatsoever on the conclusion of a contract between the user and the provider.
Since the information presented on the wedding hall finder is only intended to inform the user and help them make their decision, this information is by no means to be regarded as a promise, guarantee or insurance. Wedding hall finder is not liable for breaches of duty by third parties. The wedding hall finder assumes no liability whatsoever for the content of third-party websites and, if applicable, not for any damage arising in connection with third-party links. Users have no claim against the wedding hall finder. The website only serves as an online portal that provides information. Changes are possible at any time.


All texts, images, graphics, data sheets, logos, videos, etc. used on the wedding hall finder are protected by copyright for private and commercial use. The use, duplication. Storage or processing of this information by users without the consent of the wedding hall finder or the provider will be prosecuted.


Wedding hall finder stores and processes personal data only within the framework of the applicable legal provisions. The data is managed by the wedding hall finder according to the guidelines of the applicable laws on data protection. Wedding Hall Finder takes the necessary technical precautions to ensure the secure storage and transmission of users’ personal data.

In order to use the services of the wedding hall finder, it is possible that personal data will be requested. By sending a contact request to the provider, the user agrees that his personal data will be stored by the wedding hall finder. In the course of this, the user agrees that the wedding hall finder may contact the user via the intermediary contact details (telephone, e-mail) based on the contact request made. If the user wants to get in touch with a provider listed on the wedding hall finder on the website of the wedding hall finder, the user consents to the further transmission of this data to the provider by transmitting his personal data to the wedding hall finder.


Notifications, changes or additions to the GTC require notification of the user by e-mail. Insignificant provisions of these terms and conditions can be changed by the wedding hall finder without any justification. Provided that the regulations are sent to the users by e-mail two weeks before they come into effect or are published on the website of the wedding hall finder. If a user does not agree with the regulations, he must report to the wedding hall finder within two weeks. Otherwise he agrees to the changed terms and conditions.

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